What's more distant between a racing car driver and a mom? Between the thrill of speed and risk, and the warm, reassuring and protective maternal embrace? Between a competition which is almost totally masculine and the kind sweetness of a young woman?
Nothing probably or perhaps a lot if we follow Manuela’s story, born to a family where high speed racing is a normality and which at a certain point of her life captivated her too, to the point where she relinquished her promising volleyball career.

Having the ability to drive a car at such high levels, you have to achieve the right balance between technique and sensitiveness, between when to have to push it and when to respect it, until you reach the very subtle limit where driving becomes a delicate dance. It all comes down to being able to control the vehicle, of understanding its’ possibilities and limits.


Her themes

It is not just a matter of sports results, it is above all a question of telling the story behind it. The goal is to be inspirational and infectious, to create an emotional connection with the audience - both media, that trade and the final public. Starting from here, every single sports project is carefully studied also from a communication point of view.

• Balance between two worlds: mother and pil
• Self control and control of others
• Teamwork. What i learnt from volley and how i applied it to the races
• Comparison with a male world
• Self competition